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Posted by the site admin on January 9th, 2016

Design is an essential skill that mankind has to learn and develop in order for civilization to grow and adapt.

Salamander Design

This is a long story (I get carried away, sometimes), I hope you like to read...

Design is the Salamander Motivation

The world is a beautiful place.  Then, mankind comes along and strips the earth of its resources, polutes the land, the air and even the water, blankets cities in concrete and pronounces itself civilized.  The only other biological organism that is more destructive is a virus.

We don't just sin against God, we sin against our fellow man.  How civil can we be when we don't even care about one another?  We started designing with agricultural developments such as tilling, planting and engineering irrigation.  Yet, since we started communing in metropolises we started designing the world around us.  

The most important structures our ancestorial man built were temples and tombs.  As for buildings, they built palaces, estates and apartments.  They were buildings that bragged of their status, dominance and power in the world.

Clearly, we started out as a violent people.  Then, when our earliest civilizations started congregating as tribes and people of different cultures, they required decisive leadership.  But at that stage of the game we were still living under the reign of the strongest.

When it we went to war, we did so diliberately in the quest for power and to extend a kingdom.  Often the end result of the violence was to unite a people, but at too great a cost.

That war machine drove design, engineering, invention and innovation.  To this day, war drives a necessity for creativity.  Civility still has to take hold in our civizilations.

How intelligent can we be if we bully or deceive just to get ahead for a little while?  Yet even now, our politicians exploit fear and preach doom in order to seem superior to the masses.  Yet they offer no designed solutions, themselves.

The heart of the issue is that we are a connected world.  Not because of the internet, but each thing, from grass to tree, from fish to mammal, especially the very planet Earth itself, even our sun and moon, are all connected.  

The trouble in all of this is that what mankind lacks is creativity.  If we only directed our creativity positively, we could design our metropolises, homes, cars and work environments better so that we could work together better.

Yet, no matter how good we get at creatively solving problems, there is always need for improvement.  Because life is complicated.  Which is why we design our lives, homes and livelihoods according to our own selfish needs.  It is our inherint survival instinct to be prideful in ourselves before others.  But if we are going to actually become civilized, some day, act as a team for the benefit of all, we need to take pride in the world as a whole and how to help each other with a certain amount of self-sacrifice.  

Within our so-called civilization we have professions of every kind; doctors, nurses, preachers, teachers, architects, policemen, judges, lawyers, sports heros, administrators, managers, accountants, polititians, truckers, drivers, ship captains, pilots, singers, musicians, entertainers, butchers, bakers, chefs, waiters, builders, gamers and candlestick makers.

Out of that list I'm not qualified for any of those positions.   I can be an artist, designer or writer.  That's about it.  I pretend I would be a great actor, but there is no proof, either way (though no one knows the act I put on daily).

Yet, there is a reason I am here.  As an artist I am very creative.  I have studied logo design and how to use corporate branding to create a positive impact and identity.  I know marketing, promotion, online search optimization.  I can create complex ecommerce sites that are secure and reliable.  

But my best attribute is that I am a highly motivated small businessman myself, who isn't looking to make a fortune. I just want to make a decent enough of a living so that I can provide support to my family and continue pursuing my dreams of becoming an artist.

As an artist, I struggle.  It isn't an easy thing to do, to take a few years off until you can make it.  This feat has me identifying as a the small guy trying to make it an elite world of culture.  Just the same as a small business is a small guy in the big world of corporate business.

Futhermore, I have been stiffed by large corporations such as Orthopedic Institute, so I no longer even give them the time of day.  There is no excuse for not having compassion for others, doing no good at all.

In other words, I am on the side of small business, armed with corporate knowledge and ready to deliver.  You won't have anyone better working for your brand unless you learn how to do it yopurself, and that will probably take too much time.

Let me brand your business.



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