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All contact information is strictly confidential and only used within our business network.  It is never given, shared, rented or sold to any outside party.  We fight against spam and scammers.

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Salamader is a professional freelance logo and website design studio that specializes in creating well branded online professional business websites optimized for viewing on all smart devices.

Our Mission
To make professional brand creation and complete, optimized website design solutions affordable to small business by delivering an enhanced finished product within budget and on time in reasonable deadlines.

What Matters

  • Salamander is an art and design studio that is dedicated to providing our clientel the very best options. To that end, this also means that our art and design education and experience will overide our client's lack of knowledge or experience in the arts. 

Salamander.US 2108 South Duluth Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105 USA