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Information about Salamander Design, a professional website design studio servicing small business by creating affordable well branded online marketing web presence profiles, applivcations and e-commerce sites.

About Salamander

Salamander is a Direct Result of the Advances in Technology

Salamander is an enterprise project that takes advantage of new and emerging technologies to allow a standardized concept, design and development approach that relies on tools which create a professional presence using mobile first strategies and best practices to showcase well branded, optimized websites to deliver a client's marketing message and showcase their content using best practices.

Salamander is only possible because of the advances in frameworks, tools and technology that allows us to employ effective and efficeint design quickly while refusing to compromise on standards compliant, best practices coding.  Salamander is possible as the result of diligently calling for and exploring a need for better tools and improvements in software.

Establishing Connections and Lasting Relationships

Salamander, as an enterprise project, is also a Symbiotic Design endeavor used to experiment with new ideas, beta software, and other methods of delivering extraordinary online presences.  Our goal is to do so consistently and reliably at a modest budget within a reasonably quick time frame for our small business neighbors that we support, and to establish significant business connections and advance relationships that will endure the test of time.

Professional Freelance Design Studio

The crux of the matter is obvious, we are a small online freelance design studio rooted in a single one-man artist that works quietly on his own.  But after finding and testing a method of being able to deliver professional, enhanced and optimized results at a fraction of the cost and in half the time, Salamader.US simply had to come to be, and has.

Our Mission Statement

In order to assure our promise of quality, we offer our Mission Statement:

"To make professional brand creation and complete, optimized website design solutions affordable to small business by delivering an enhanced finished product within budget that is delivered on time, within reasonable deadlines."

Uncompromised Quality

We refuse to compromise in quality and are intent on delivering a user friendly website experience to our clientel and their customers, using best practice coding techniques for a brand enhanced presentation to promote and market their business effectively. 

Remember, this is an art and design studio.  We have our client's best interests at heart.  We have studied marketing and are art educated.  You can trust us.  But if you are going to use us, you must allow us to do our job.  After all, you can count on us to always deliver the best possible solution for your budget.



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Salamader is a professional freelance logo and website design studio that specializes in creating well branded online professional business websites optimized for viewing on all smart devices.

Our Mission
To make professional brand creation and complete, optimized website design solutions affordable to small business by delivering an enhanced finished product within budget and on time in reasonable deadlines.

What Matters

  • Salamander is an art and design studio that is dedicated to providing our clientel the very best options. To that end, this also means that our art and design education and experience will overide our client's lack of knowledge or experience in the arts. 

Salamander.US 2108 South Duluth Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105 USA

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