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Salamander.US specializes in providing professional custom online marketing profiles for small business.

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Why get a website for a small business?

Imagine having a salesman that is available 24/7 that is well tailored to represent your brand and trained to create a positive impact on potential customers, that will pass out brochures and marketing materials about your business, answering frequently asked questions, give out maps to your location and accomodate them with turn by directions, all without having to pay a salary.

The truth is that most people don't even look at the yellow pages directory anymore, they either fire-up their computer or ask their phone to look-up information digitally.  If you aren't there, listed as a business with relevant ionformation about your company online, you are missing out.  Unless you are a bait shop, you may well be damaging your own brand and company reputation, as customers see you unnecessarily difficult to find and may even wonder why you are hiding.

Don't kid yourself, a website is a required marketing tool.

Doug Peters' joined DP TM logo.

Does my business need a  Trademark or logo?

The above logo started life as my personal artist's mark, which I created some 45 years ago and have used all my life.  People not only recognize it as my mark, but it also effectively communicates my repuation as an artist and designer.

I have done many logos over the years, from simple textual tricks and effects to completely modern graphic icons that communicate exactly what a business is all about before even reading the company name.

As small businesses, we have to demonstrate ourselves as leaders in our field, ready to take on challenges.  As virtually every serious competing businesses has at least some sort of graphic persona that they are identified with, whether simple or well implemented, an effective Trademark or Service Mark not only communicates professionalism and quality, it can even impress.  That's a serious advantage in a world where the first impression is the lasting impression we carry throughout our life.



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Salamader is a professional freelance logo and website design studio that specializes in creating well branded online professional business websites optimized for viewing on all smart devices.

Our Mission
To make professional brand creation and complete, optimized website design solutions affordable to small business by delivering an enhanced finished product within budget and on time in reasonable deadlines.

What Matters

  • Salamander is an art and design studio that is dedicated to providing our clientel the very best options. To that end, this also means that our art and design education and experience will overide our client's lack of knowledge or experience in the arts. 

Salamander.US 2108 South Duluth Avenue Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105 USA

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