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Salamander.US concentrates on providing great, well branded websites that display well on both handheld mobile devices and computer based platforms.

The Salamander

The salamander was often found under dried and rotting wood.  Then, when a campfire was lit, these critters would often scurry away from under the logs as they heated up. This associated the salamander with fire, living in fire, or even being birthed by the flames.

Birds will eat salamanders, but when they try to catch one, often they come away with only its tail, allowing the critter to escape and even grow a new tail.  This is actually a survival ploy.

A giant Chinese salamander was recently discovered that may be 200 years old, making it the oldest living creature on earth.

These mystiques give the salamander an air of magic.  


Magic is what we intend to deliver here at Salamander.  Technology has changed and now Google requires that everyone have a mobile friendly version of their website available.  Those who don't will suffer because Google is purposely moving everyone in that direction in order to accomodate a mobile digital life in the near future.  

Every year, the statistics for online sales which are incurred from mobile devices breaks all previous records. So, we are moving to an always connected society.

Design Magic

At one time, a small business would not only have to design and develop a magazine style web presence.  These interfaces were trying to replicate the professionalism of print, but failed miserably to communicate their message effectively by making it near illegible by using small print at low resolutions. As digital technology advanced, websites had to also offer a mobile version of the same content.  Some websites accomodated many different platforms, from smart phones to console boxes to tablets to computers and even low or high resolution TVs.  Then, by accomodating different platforms, these same sites might even get hit with Google's duplicate content penalty.

Luckily, things have gotten much simpler with new code frameworks that allow designers to offer a website that is professionally presentable and even optimized for multiple platforms. Google finally understands why a website has the same content specifically for a variety of platforms, and in fact, demands a mobile friendly presence. 

By using a coding framework call Bootstrap (version 3), we venture to deliver the best possible website designs available which utilize a single stream of content that is presented in a professional and appropriate user experience on all devices and platforms.

The Bootstrap coding framework also releases us from the mundain task of sorting out code and getting all of the design elements to work with each other.  The Bootsrap code allows that the content is in fact optimized on the fly for presentation on the client browser's display.  The result is that we can deliver modern websites much quicker at a lower cost.



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Salamader is a professional freelance logo and website design studio that specializes in creating well branded online professional business websites optimized for viewing on all smart devices.

Our Mission
To make professional brand creation and complete, optimized website design solutions affordable to small business by delivering an enhanced finished product within budget and on time in reasonable deadlines.

What Matters

  • Salamander is an art and design studio that is dedicated to providing our clientel the very best options. To that end, this also means that our art and design education and experience will overide our client's lack of knowledge or experience in the arts. 

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